How to freelance on Upwork

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Professions on Upwork

Data Entry & VA

$8average rate per hour

Popular niches

  • Text from image
  • Fake reviews
  • Manual data collection
  • Virtual assistant
  • Sheets & Excel
  • Manual testing

Book content

  • Is your English level enough for freelance?
  • List of jobs not demanding special skills
  • Why do you need a narrow content specialization?
  • Profile and Cover Letter recommendations
  • How to avoid ban on Upwork?
  • How to choose right hourly rate?


$15average rate per hour

Popular niches

  • Medical content
  • Technical content
  • Travel content
  • SEO text optimisation
  • Blog posting
  • Advertising texts

Book content

  • How to create good-looking screenshots for portfolio?
  • Why you need narrow content specialization
  • Why does long-term partnership with clients increase earnings?
  • Fixed-price or hourly payment?


$25average rate per hour

Popular niches

  • Web (Full/Back/Front)
  • Mobile (iOS, Android)
  • Enterprise (C#, Java)
  • Test & QA
  • System administration
  • Game development

Book content

  • Why should you target only one technology?
  • How to create portfolio for server-side developers?
  • Why should you discuss technical requirements with client before start of a project?
  • Do you need to pass tests and fill certifications?

Ad & SMM & SEO

$20average rate per hour

Popular niches

  • Facebook SMM
  • Instagram SMM
  • Google SEO
  • Facebook Ad
  • Google Adsense
  • Messengers promotion

Book content

  • Why do you need a video for profile?
  • How to protect earnings?
  • Why do you need a narrow specialization?
  • Cover Letter examples
  • Why should you optimize your profile for search?

Design & Creative

$20average rate per hour

Popular niches

  • UI & UX
  • Design
  • 3D & Architecture
  • Illustration & Art
  • Video editing
  • Audio editing

Book content

  • How to choose good profile title?
  • Hourly or fixed-price payment?
  • Job Success Score calculation insights
  • How to subscribe for new jobs?

Customer Service

$20average rate per hour

Popular niches

  • Techni support
  • Sales
  • Community management
  • Chat agent
  • Call support
  • Active promo

Book content

  • Is your English level enough for freelance?
  • Upwork ToS and rules
  • Hourly payment protection
  • Upwork fees


$40average rate per hour

Popular niches

  • US law
  • UK law
  • International law

    Book content

    • How to fill profile?
    • How to receive more interviews?
    • Upwork fees

    Freelancers on Upwork


    Popular professions

    • Development
    • Data Entry
    • Customer support
    • Virtual assistant
    • Design
    • Sales


    Popular professions

    • Web development
    • Mobile development
    • UI & UX
    • Video editing
    • Test & QA
    • Design


    Popular professions

    • Web development
    • Android development
    • iOS development
    • Sales
    • Design
    • Illustrations


    Popular professions

    • Blog posting
    • SMM & SEO
    • Writing
    • Law
    • Development
    • Virtual assistant


    Popular professions

    • SEO
    • SMM
    • Copywriting
    • Virtual assistant
    • Development
    • Law


    Popular professions

    • Development
    • Data Entry
    • Customer support
    • Virtual assistant
    • Design
    • Sales


    Popular professions

    • SEO
    • SMM
    • Copywriting
    • Virtual assistant
    • Development
    • Law

    Author - Yevhenii Zapletin

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    People say about book

    Jayesh K.

    Data Entry specialist from India

    I want remote work, but don't have any special skills. Book helped me choose specialization and believe in myself. Even an ordinary PC user can find work on this platform.

    Aarav J.

    Web developer from India

    Last 2 years I worked as freelancer and my biggest problem was communication with client. Firstly not-trivial recommendations embarrassed me, but I applied them and receive better results in few months.

    Shanaya A.

    Customer Service agent from India

    For a long time I can't make choice: office or freelance. This book helped me made right decision.

    Saiful B.

    Mobile developer from Bangladesh

    Before read this book I thought my profile is beautiful, but after I fully remade profile and start receive much more interviews.

    Nayeem J.

    Data Entry specialist from Bangladesh

    I think about Upwork for a long time, I really like hourly rates on platform, but my language is not very well. Chapter about English helped me find client even with poor English.

    Jane K.

    Customer Service agent from Phillippines

    Tips about reputation are really useful. Thanks for the Top Rated badge and JSS 95%

    Daniel H.

    Translator from Phillippines

    I didn’t know how to fill portfolio, because it is really hard for translator to create good-looking result of my work. Cases of other freelancers’ experience helped me with this problem.

    Muhammad H.

    C# developer from Egypt

    I’ve had a bad profile before reading the book. Afterwards I passed tests again, chose niche and finally received my first job. Thank you.

    Kamilah T.

    Designer from Egypt

    I haven’t been receiving interview invitations from clients for half a year. Tips from the book helped me receive first invitation in 3 weeks.

    Oliver E.

    Copywriter from Australia

    I had dispute with one of my client and didn’t know how to solve it without negative reputation effect. But now it’s much more clear for me.

    Sophie K.

    SMM specialist from Australia

    I thought I did’t need portfolio because I’m SMM specialist and can’t make screenshot for portfolio. Anyway, I followed recommendations from the book and highly increase response rate.

    William O.

    SEO specialist from Canada

    I began freelancing on oDesk and didn’t have problems with clients. But it was interesting to read about another freelancers' experience. Helpful thoughts, thanks for that.

    Emma K.

    Writer from Canada

    I was skeptical about this book, but the information about long-term partnership with clients was very useful. Thank you.

    Aleksandar R.

    Mobile developer from Serbia

    After reading the section about cover letter, I realized that I made a lot of mistakes in my proposals before.

    Petra R.

    Data Entry specialist from Serbia

    I didn't understand how to receive earnings from Upwork. So, for me comparing of payout methods was very useful.

    Harold R.

    Web developer from United Kingdom

    I thought that average rate on Upwork is $20/hour and it was enough for me. However, I read this book and my opinion has changed. Right now I have 2 clients with hourly rate of $50 per hour.

    Abdul G.

    Developer from Pakistan

    I have been working on Upwork for the last 3 years and my hourly rate was $10/hour. Following recommendations from the book, I changed it to $25/h and found, that clients can pay more for my work.

    John G.

    Lawyer from USA

    Upwork is my first freelancing experience. Thanks for this book, it helped me to fill my profile and portfolio.

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    Table of contents

    About the book


      • What is Upwork?
      • Who should read this book?
      • How to work even without special skills?
      • How much can you earn?
      • Is Upwork losing popularity?
      • About the author
      • Office vs Freelance

      How to start?

      • Upwork Registration
      • Upwork Payout Methods
      • How to get first job?

      Professions and skills

      • Web, Mobile & Software Dev
      • IT & Networking
      • Data Science & Analytics
      • Engineering & Architecture
      • Design & Creative
      • Writing
      • Translation
      • Legal
      • Admin Support
      • Customer Service
      • Sales & Marketing
      • Accounting & Consulting


      • Required English level. Voice or Text?
      • How to work with bad English?
      • Profile English level
      • Communication with client
      • How to improve English?

      Specialization (niche)

      • Why do you need a niche?
      • Specialization benefits
      • How to choose a niche?


      • Title
      • Category
      • Overview
      • Video
      • Portfolio
      • Skills
      • Employment history
      • Education
      • Certifications
      • Tests
      • Specialized profiles
      • Settings
      • Why Upwork doesn't confirm my profile?
      • Personal verification
      • 100% completness

      Job Search

      • How to choose project?
      • Projects for novices
      • Advanced Search
      • Project types
      • Project estimation
      • Client estimation
      • Invitations to interview
      • New projects notifications
      • Word of mouth

      Fixed vs Hourly

      • Fixed-price
      • Hourly
      • Payment protection

      Cover Letter

      • Short or detailed?
      • Structure
      • By project types
      • Examples
      • Predict client wishes
      • Send proposal quickly

      Work Process

      • Job stages
      • How to argue with client?
      • Typical dispute causes
      • How to avoid problems?
      • FAQ

      Fees & Paid Features

      • Fees
      • Connects
      • Upwork Plus


      • Upwork Desktop App
      • Upwork Messenger

      Rules & ToS

      • Top freelancer ban reasons
      • Upwork opt-out fee
      • Communicating with support
      • Upwork bags
      • Fraud examples


      • Job Success Score & Reviews
      • Rising Talent & Top Rated

      What is next?

      • Upwork Pro
      • Upwork Team Builder


      • Roles, features & UI
      • Offline company
      • Online team


      • Payoneer registration
      • How to receive $50 bonus?
      • Payoneer Debit MasterCard
      • Сalculator (fees & limits)
      • EU/US Payment Service
      • Payoneer invoice
      • Local bank

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